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This page contains a collection of videos from Pittsburgh concerts promoted by Pat DiCesare Productions or DiCesare Engler Productions. The quality and length of the videos vary extensively.  Click on the band name to view the selection of videos. If viewing the mobile version, please switch to classic mode as the mobile site does not support video.

Footage from Three Rivers Stadium includes Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and U2


The Band, The Bangles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Public Enemy, Queen Latifa, and Winger performances are included from the old Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh. 


Debbie Gibson performs a full concert at the AJ Palumbo Center in 1988. 

There is some unfortunately lesser quality footage of Bruce Springsteen at the Stanley Theatre from 1978. 

Motley Crue performs after infamously showing a porn video at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena in 1997, and a local TV station includes footage from a 1987 Whitney Houston concert at the Civic Arena. 

Finally, some concert footage is included from an opening act at the IC Light Amphitheatre of the opening act Rain.

Also included below are some old advertisements and some local coverage of a mixed martial arts event at the Stanley Theatre.