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The Electric Theater in Pittsburgh, PA

Pat DiCesare under his company name "University Attractions" completely renovated a building at 6117 Broad Street in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  It was Pittsburgh's first Psychadelic Theatre complete with a "Liquid Light Show". 

Electric Theater opened on March 29, 1969.   It was built to stage "underground" acts and compete with the likes of the Fillmore in San Fransisco and the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.  

The Jeff Beck Group who featured a young and relatively unknown Rod Stewart as lead singer was the opening act.  The house band was 
Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers

Despite attracting talent such as Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, Sly and the Family Stone, and Procal Harum - DiCesare was not able to make it a box office success and got out in less than a year.  

He transfered ownership to Lee Smalley who worked for him agent at the Electric Theatre.  Smalley ran the theatre for a few more years using the name S.M.A.P., which stood for Sunshine Music American Peace". 

Perhaps a few years ahead of his time, DiCesare considered the failure of the Electric Theatre to be one of his greatest disappointments. 


The former Electric Theatre as it appears today as an office building