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1970 Doors Ad for Pittsburgh Civic Arena


One of the most stressful dates was the Doors. Jim Morrison had a reputation, especially after his "disrobing" in Miami, of performing drunk, swearing, taunting the police and inciting a riot. The first time I booked him in 1968, the mayor's office forced me to cancel a sold-out show. I had to eat the advertising costs.

As the months passed, the city did finally let me present the show. I had to hire more police than any other show besides the Beatles. The police warned: "If he does anything immoral during the show, we are arresting him and you."

The Doors at the Civic Arena from Flickr.com

Fortunately for my sake, he behaved well enough for not only one but two Civic Arena shows. However, if you listen to the live album from the May 2, 1970, show you can hear him taunting the police a bit. 
- Pat DiCesare

Live in Pittsburgh The Doors 5-2-70

The Doors at the Civic Arena from Flickr.com