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The AJ Palumbo Center in PIttsburgh

Move to Palumbo     Palumbo Top 5 US Venue

Opened in 1988, the AJ Palumbo center is a multipurpose venue on the Duquesne University campus in Downtown Pittsburgh.  It is home to the Duquesne Dukes basketball team.  As a concert facility it seats between 4,000 and 7,000.  The announcement came in the summer of 1988 that DiCesare-Engler would manage the new midsized venue.  According to Pollstar Magazine, under DiCesare-Engler management the AJ Palumbo center won year end Performance awards for being in the top 5 in gross sales for a venue of its size.

"Theatre" seating was used in an attempt to improve acoustics at the venue.  Critics often complained about the obvious differences between the acoustics at the AJ Palumbo Center and The Benedum Center (Stanley Theatre) and the Syria Mosque.  Much to the dismay of concert fans, the Shriners sold the Syria Mosque to the University of Pittsburgh in 1991.  It was demolished is now a parking lot.  DiCesare-Engler moved most of the rock concerts from the Syria Mosque to the AJ Palumbo.  At the time it was the only midsized venue in the city besides the IC Light Amphitheatre, which was only a summer venue.

During the DiCesare-Engler years, legendary acts performed at the AJ Palumbo Center including Depeche Mode, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Janes Addiction, Oasis.  In the years after DiCesare-Engler, Live Nation discontinued management of the facility and the AJ Palumbo Center is no longer home to many concerts.

Live Debbie Gibson concert filmed at AJ Palumbo
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