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Song Links

Im Spinning Dot Records release 1957 written by Pat DiCesare Pat DiCesare song "I'm Spinning" - this version is performed by the Kripp Johnson Dell-Vikings during his temporary split 
 from the Del-Vikings.  He later rejoined the group and released a version of "I'm Spinning" with the Del-Vikings on Mercury 
 Records - Read
Pat DiCesare's article about the Del-Vikings

Pat DiCesare song You Say You Love Me on Fee Bee Records Pat DiCesare song 
"You Say You Love Me" performed by the Del-Vikings


The Doors 
"Someday Soon" performed on a live album at a Pat DiCesare Productions concert at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena May 2, 1970

Black Sabbath performs 
"Killing Yourself to Live" at a DiCesare-Engler concert on February 1, 1974

Bob Marley performs 
"Redemptioin Song" at a DiCesare-Engler concert at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh.  The August 23, 1980 concert would be his last live performance. 

Here's a YouTube video of DiCesare-Engler concert at the Syria Mosque on October 31, 1976.  Here's Kansas performing
"What's on My Mind"

Genesis performs "Entangled" at their August 13, 1976 concert at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh

Kansas performs 
"Lonely Street" on December 2, 1975 at a DiCesare-Engler concert at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh

 Black Sabbath performs the song
Black Sabbath December 8, 1976 at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena - from YouTube

Frank Zappa at Stanley Theatre November 13, 1980

  The Who performs
Pinball Wizzard on their July 16, 1989 concert at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh