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Pink Floyd first played Pittsburgh on November 19, 1971 at the Syria Mosque.  Their second show in Pittsburgh was on April 20, 1972.

June 20, 1973 Pink Floyd plays the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 21, 1973
Mike Kalina

"Pink Floyd last night at the Civic Arena came up with some sounds that haven't been heard outside a sound-stage at a horror-film studio.

The four-man British rock group played an interesting though uninspired set, which showed only spasmodic flashes of brilliance. They seemed more interested in sound effects than music, and as they performed they seemed very tired. [Editor's note: i.e., David Gilmour is not Mick Jagger.]

Yet the experimental rock sound they put out was intriguing and very clean. One big factor that helped the group was their fantastic sound system -- one of the best in the world.

The concert got off about two hours late because of an airline problem, but the near-capacity crowd was quite patient, though restless.

Incidentally, the group opened its concert almost exactly as Deep Purple did there recently -- with smoke rising around the members of the group as the house light went down. The type of 'puff'-ery is becoming trite."