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The IC Light Amphitheatre was created and run by DiCesare-Engler Productions from 1989 until 2006.

The site is uniquely located along the Monongahela River and against the backdrop of the downtown Pittsburgh skyline in Station Square.

After DiCesare-Engler sold the Stanley Theatre and moved offices to the Syria Mosque in 1984, they looked for an under 6000 capacity venue for summer concerts in downtown Pittsburgh. They expanded into the AJ Palumbo Center in 1988, and in 1989 they partnered with the Melody Tent in Station Square to create the Melody Tent and Amphitheatre.

In the beginning, smaller events took place in the Melody Tent, often referred to as "the Tent". While larger concert events took place in the outdoor Amphitheatre.

The Italian Festival in the Tent - Rich Engler

The inaugural concert series began with The Judds.

The Judds - first show at the IC Light Amphitheatre

Through sponsorship the facilty became known as The IC Light Amphitheatre.

Phiish performs at a 1993 concert at IC Light

As many as 200,000 people would come through its doors in any given year. Fans saw classic performances by such artists as Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Lou Reed, and Sarah McLachlan. Besides concerts, it was also home to many popular weekend festivals. The summer season was capped with a month long October Halloween "Creep Festival" that was designed by Tom Savini.

Slash performs with Snakepit

Reggae Sunsplash poster

The facility went through many upgrades through the years, eventually getting a permanant roof over 4000 of the amphitheatre seats.

View of IC Light from the Monongehela River
Inside the IC Light Amphitheatre

Pat DiCesare, Ed Traversari, Rich Engler

It became known as the Chevrolet Amphitheatre during the years after Clear Channel had purchased DiCesare-Engler

The Chevrolet Amphitheatre

Live Nation decided to permanantly remove the structure from its Station Square location after the 2006 season as Forrest City Enterprises was preparing Station Square to be the hopeful site of the new Casino in Pittsburgh.

IC Light Concert Series Tickets - Reggae Sunsplash

The site remained vacant until 2009 when The Pittsburgh Concert Group decided to open the Amphitheatre at Station square. It is now know as The Trib Total Media Amphitheatre. Former DiCesare-Engler promoter Brian Drusky booked shows for the venue.


Today the site is home to the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.  Known as Highmark Stadium.