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  1962: First Concert

  Free, Traffic, and John Martyn 1973 concert review 

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  Engler Interview 1996


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Video Links


  Motley Crue Civic Arena 1997
  U2 Three Rivers Stadium 1987

  The Bangles Syria Mosque

  Led Zeppelin Three Rivers 1973

  Debbie Gibson AJ Palumbo 1988

  Winger Syria Mosque 1989
  Stevie Ray Vaughn Syria Mosque 1986

  IC Light Amphitheatre

  Bruce Springsteen 1978

  Pink Floyd Three Rivers Stadium 1988

  Public Enemy

  The Band


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"Hard Days Hard Nights is the fascinating, behind-the-scenes story of the birth and development of modern rock concerts, as told by one of its most illustrious proponents, Pat DiCesare.

For decades, starting with his first show in Youngstown, Ohio with the Four Freshman to his big breakthrough promoting the Beatles concert in Pittsburgh, PA in 1964, through his last major show in 1998, Pat DiCesare ruled the Pittsburgh concert scene.

Virtually every major rock and pop act of the area from the Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin to Bruce Springsteen passed through Pittsburgh during these years to perform in concerts produced and promoted by Pat DiCesare.

These are the backstage tales of those shows and how they came to be--the untold story of one of America's most beloved industries." 


DiCesare-Engler Productions has been the dominant event promoter in Pittsburgh for several generations of concert fans. The company is now owned by Live Nation who no longer uses the name DiCesare-Engler.

The Beatles on stage at the Civic Arena in PIttsburgh


Pat DiCesare began promoting concerts as early as the 1950s with his friend and mentor Tim Tormey. Together, they were responsible for The Beatles only stop in Pittsburgh at the Civic Arena on September 14, 1964.

Grateful Dead Ad 1971


DiCesare promoted most of the shows at the Civic Arena in the 60s and early 70s including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, Chicago, and The Who  under the company name Pat DiCesare Productions and University Attractions. He also did many of the first shows at Three Rivers Stadium including Led Zeppelin, Three Dog Night, and Alice Cooper. 

Pat DiCesare (left), Rich Engler (right) at the Stanley


DiCesare-Engler was formed in 1973 when veteran concert promoter Pat DiCesare chose Pittsburgh native Rich Engler to form a new partnership.  Engler was a drummer in a band and had started his own theatrical booking agency - "Go Attractions." The new partnership was called DiCesare-Engler Productions.

Journey on stage at The Stanley


Over the years DiCesare-Engler has been one of the top grossing concert promoters in the country. They have promoted almost all of the major concert and entertainment events in Pittsburgh, as well as promoting events nationally.

Frank Zappa at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh


They owned, operated, or managed venues including The Stanley Theatre (Benedum Center), The IC Light Amphitheatre (Chevrolet Amphitheatre), The Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, The Bud Light Amphitheatre in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, The AJ Palumbo Center in Pittsburgh, and The Aladdin Theater in Las Vegas, NV.

Syria Mosque picture from flickr.com


From bringing all of the major rock acts to the stadium to inventing traditions such as the Celebration of Lights at Hartwood Acres, DiCesare-Engler has shaped the entertainment and cultural environment in Pittsburgh. The words "produced by DiCesare-Engler" were part of entertainment in Pittsburgh over many generations of fans.

Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh


Their history will remain alive and relevant on sites like these as long as people continue to be fans of rock n' roll and the bands that played it. This website is dedicated to telling their story - the story of building the rock music business in Pittsburgh, PA. On this website you will find stories, newspaper articles, concert memoribilia, and images that catalog the history of live concerts for millions of fans.

Bruce Springsteen at Three Rivers Stadium 1985


In 1998 the DiCesare-Engler was sold to entertainment giant SFX, later to be sold to Clear Channel. Now, the business is under the ClearChannel “spin off” Live Nation. Neither Pat DiCesare nor Rich Engler are part of the company today.  Pat DiCesare left the business after the sale in 1998. Rich Engler parted ways with Clear Channel in 2004. This website is not associated with Live Nation.