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September 21, 1993

By Cathy Lubenski

Tom Savini, who masterminded the special effects in Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Creepshow and other horror movies, will be transforming the I.C. Light Tent at Station Square into a Haunted Castle Oct. 1-28 for a Halloween Fright Festival.

Savini will be lending the original torsos, dummies, severed heads and other special effects he created for many of his movies to the event.

``It's a thrill for me as a Pittsburgh guy to do something here,'' Savini said at a press conference yesterday in the tent. He brought with him a dummy of Jason from Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter and a severed head as examples of his work.

``I feel lucky that I can live here and still work on movies in New York and Hollywood and Hong Kong. I'm proud to live here,'' said Savini, who operates a special effects factory in Bloomfield.

``The Gore King'' has worked with Stephen King on Creepshow, with George Romero on Dawn of the Dead and others, and directed the recent remake of Night of the Living Dead .

He's appeared five times on ``Late Night with David Letterman,'' demonstrating how his special effects work for and on Letterman.

``I created Jason in the original Friday the 13th movie,'' Savini said, ``and when they said The Final Chapter was going to be the last movie in the series, I wanted to be the one to kill him off.''

The Jason dummy on display at yesterday's press conference showed machete marks on its face after Savini took off its infamous hockey mask.

The Halloween Fright Festival will feature 27 scenes from movies including the 8-foot alien from Alien, Aliens and Alien 3.

``The scenes will be staged in total darkness with both dummies and live people, so you'll never know when someone will jump out at you,'' said Rich Engler of DiCesare Engler, which is promoting the event.

Savini will also be creating special magic illusions for the show.

In addition to Savini's contributions, the event will feature a seance tent where attempts will be made to raise the ``spirit'' of the B-25 that supposedly crashed into the Monongahela River during World War II.

The Amazing Viper Woman will display her 20-foot python, and there will be pumpkin carving and painting, a haunted hayride to the Fort Pitt Bridge and back, amusement rides, Halloween novelty items and a place to rent Halloween costumes and purchase masks and make-up. Food will be sold and Savini will be available Tuesday evenings to sign autographs.

Admission to the Halloween Fright Festival is $8.50 and tickets will be sold only at the door. Discount coupons are available at all Co-Go's stores for Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

``This won't be like anything you can see in the suburbs,'' Ed Traversari of DiCesare Engler said.