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DiCesare-Engler Concert Venues

The 1960s

Rock Falls Park in Slippery Rock, PA

This outdoor venue was owned and operated by Pat DiCesare in the 60s.  His "University Attractions" company promoted concerts and entertainment at the venue. 

The Electric Theater in Pittsburgh, PA
(The "Liquid Light Show")

Pat DiCesare under his company name "University Attractions" completely renovates a building at 6117 Broad Street in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  It was Pittsburgh's first Psychadelic Theatre complete with a "Liquid Light Show".  The Electric Theater opened on March 29, 1969.   It was built to stage "underground" acts and compete with the likes of the Fillmore in San Fransisco and the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.  The Jeff Beck Group who featured a young and relatively unknown Rod Stewart as lead singer opened the theatre.  Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers were the house band.  Despite attracting talent such as Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, Sly and the Family Stone, and Procal Harum - DiCesare was not able to make it a box office success and got out in less than a year.  He transfered ownership to Lee Smalley who worked for him agent at the Electric Theatre.  Smalley ran the theatre for a few more years using the name S.M.A.P., which stood for Sunshine Music American Peace".  Perhaps a few years ahead of his time, DiCesare considered the failure of the Electric Theatre to be one of his greatest disappointments. 

The 1970s

Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA 
America's #1 Concert

Purchased by DiCesare-Engler in 1977, this became the #1 grossing theatre in the country according to Billboard Magazine. DiCesare-Engler sold it to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust in 1984 and it is now known as the Benedum Center
(On Right) Pat DiCesare and Rich Engler receive their Billboard Magazine award for owning and operating the top grossing theatre in the country.

Rich Engler, Mayor Caliguir, Pat DiCesare

The 1980s

The Aladdin Theatre Las Vegas, NV

In 1981 Pat DiCesare moved his family and branched his Pittsburgh based DiCesare-Engler Productions briefly to Las Vegas where he managed the Aladdin Theatre, the largest theatre in Vegas. 

The Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, PA

Syria Mosque stage

DiCesare-Engler announced a deal to take over operations at the Syria Mosque in June of 1984 after their move from the Stanley Theatre.  The Syria Mosque, despite having few bookings in the summer heat, was one of the top 10 grossing theatres in the country until its demolition in 1991.   

Syria Mosque article about DiCesare-Engler taking over management

The AJ Palumbo Center in Pittsburgh PA

The announcement came in the summer of 1988 that DiCesare-Engler would manage the new midsized venue located on the Duquesne University campus.  According to Pollstar, under DiCesare-Engler management the AJ Palumbo center won year end Performance awards for being in the top 5 in gross sales for a venue of its size

The 1990s

IC Light Amphitheatre in Pittsburgh PA

This outdoor amphitheatre was located in Station Square shopping area in Pittsburgh.  It sat next to the Monongahela River and fans had a great view of the Pittsburgh skyline accross the river.  The venue seated about 5000.  It not only hosted concerts, but also many festivals and events such as the popular Halloween "Creep Fest."

Star Lake Amphitheatre Burgettstown, PA

 This 20,000 seat amphitheatre was built by PACE Concerts of Houston, Texas.  On March 10, 1990 Pat DiCesare officially announced that DiCesare-Engler would be co-promoting concerts at the amphitheatre.  Read Pat DiCesare's story about how DiCesare-Engler spent over a half million dollars and several years trying to build a large amphitheatre just 20 minutes North of Pittsburgh in Cranberry.  The 500 acre plot of land is today the site of the "Adam's Ridge" housing development.  

Bud Light Amphitheatre Wilkes-Barre, PA
Located in Harvey's Lake, the opening of this 
amphitheatre in 1992 was the result of a partnership between DiCesare-Engler and Thom Greco.  DiCesare-Engler's involvement with this venue was brief.